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Cada uno aportando su granito de arena.

So far in 2019, our national network of volunteers/leaders, now present in 20 locations around the country, has delivered more than 170 outings benefiting over 3,000 participants. This has been a year of growth, and we want our community of individual donors to grow with us.

LO is community-led and we'd like more of our support to come from the comunidad of individuals who share our passion for a better outdoors, one that is more welcoming and diverse.

A little goes a long way, especially when everyone chips in. There are many different ways to give. Please support Latino Outdoors at a level that works for you.

Our year-end goal is to double our 2019 individual donors from 100 to 200.  Let's reach it together.


If applicable, please indicate a t-shirt size and shipping address (if different from billing address) in the "Donor Message" field when completing your online donation. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.
After entering the amount of your contribution, before clicking "next", scroll down to select a gift.  This applies both when using a computer or smartphone.  On a computer, you may also simply click on the desired gift at the beginning of the form to automatically fill in the corresponding donation amount.
If you would like more than one donor appreciation gift, please go through the online donation process once for each item you'd like to receive.  For example, if you want two stickers, make separate donations of $5 or more for each sticker.  Our apologies for any inconvenience, as this is how the online donation platform works best.